Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holiday work - Part 3: Tools to be learnt in Semester 2



1.We can teach people to give up their seats to the elderly in MRT and Buses
2.We can have more priority seats in MRT and Buses
3.We can make the houses that have elderly people more elderly friendly
4.We can have more elderly activities in the community.

1.MCYS and HDB should work with VWOs and grassroots organizations (GROs) to help the support the elderly to lead an active lifestyle.

1.The government should top up Medisave accounts of not so well of Singaporeans so that the elderly can afford their medical bills.
2.The government should set up a caregiver centre that can help elderly families by giving provisions of information resources and programmes.

1.We can help elderly by visiting old folk homes to talk to the elderly and keep them occupied.
2.We can help elderly by helping the elderly like helping them cross roads.
3.We can help elderly by writing to the government on ways on how to help the elderly.

essential question

1.What can we do to make the lives of the elderly easier and more better?
2.What do the elderly need in order to make their lives easier?
3.How can we make the elderly more happy?
4.How to make the elderly more independent ?
5.What activities do the elderly have trouble doing?

Top 3 questions
-1.What can we do to make the lives of the elderly easier and more better?
-2.How can we make the elderly more happy
-3.What do the elderly need in order to make their lives easier?

Explanation for 1- This question is essential as it tells us what we can do to help the elderly and is the most important of the 3 I chose as it tells us what we can do instead of just thinking about the elderly

Explanation for 2 and 3-This questions are essential to answer the top question as it tells us the elderly needs what wants and without this two questions we will not be able to answer the top question.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad Designs

Wine cork
Problem:If the wine is kept for too long,the cork would disintegrate.Leaving many bits of cork in the wine

The solution: change the cork to a cap.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Picture one:A tissue box in a 3 point perspective
Picture two:wall in a 2 point perspective
Picture three:a tissue box in a 1 point perspective
Picture 4 :a sphere, 5 point perspective??

school pictures

Picture 1 :goalpost in the school field
Picture 2:a hollow tree
Picture 3:school hall
Picture 4:staircase

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conserving Water Resources

In Singapore, water is a very precious as there is very little fresh water reservoirs.Therefore, Singapore have to recycle water or import water from Malaysia. About 30% of Singapore's water comes from reservoirs , the rest are from Newater or are imported from Malaysia. Newater is basically reclaimed water which are treated water from our waste but do not worry, this water is already treated so you will not be finding shit inside it or will the water taste 'funny'.We should conserve our Water Resources as Malaysia would not be selling us water soon.We can do this by not throwing litter into the reservoirs. I think conserving water will make Singapore a more independent country!

Understanding Research

1)To me research is the process of learning more about a subject or object to gain more knowledge by reading books or surfing the net and even asking people about it.
2)I think research is important as I think great mathematicians and scientists do researching before inventing a new formula or a new invention.
3)I think we can try to conduct a good research by going to good websites(wikipedia) and read all the stuff they say about the thing u want to research.After that try to retype whatever they said in the website that you did not know in you own words.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1.To me, ADMT is the designing of items to improve them and making them more attractive to the public.
2.I think ADMT is important as it helps improve the life of people and helps companies earn more money
3.I want to learn how to make designs that will attract people to the product i am designing