Thursday, July 1, 2010



1.We can teach people to give up their seats to the elderly in MRT and Buses
2.We can have more priority seats in MRT and Buses
3.We can make the houses that have elderly people more elderly friendly
4.We can have more elderly activities in the community.

1.MCYS and HDB should work with VWOs and grassroots organizations (GROs) to help the support the elderly to lead an active lifestyle.

1.The government should top up Medisave accounts of not so well of Singaporeans so that the elderly can afford their medical bills.
2.The government should set up a caregiver centre that can help elderly families by giving provisions of information resources and programmes.

1.We can help elderly by visiting old folk homes to talk to the elderly and keep them occupied.
2.We can help elderly by helping the elderly like helping them cross roads.
3.We can help elderly by writing to the government on ways on how to help the elderly.

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